Breakthrough in stem cell research may eliminate need for blood donors.


In what has been described as a “very big deal” by fellow researcher Carolina Guibentif at the University of Cambridge, Senior investigator George Daley and his team at the Boston Children’s Hospitals Stem Cell Program has come tantalizingly close to eliminating the need for human blood donors in the future.

Following a breakthrough in their research, the team at Boston Children’s Hospital have for the first time ever manager to generate blood forming stem cells in their lab. The researchers demonstrated that it is possible to generate multiple types of human blood by inserting stem cells into what is known as “humanized mice”.

Other than producing blood for patients in need, or patients with a rare blood type who might otherwise have been a victim of blood shortage, this breakthrough opens up possibilities to advance the research and treatment of patients with genetic blood disorders.

The team offers no prediction on when this research will turn into practical application and everyday use for doctors and patients, however they describe this as a big step forward.


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