US Supreme Court overturn sexist legislation

Via the CNN

In a recent ruling, the supreme court of the United States of America have overturned a law which have long meant differential treatment between men and women when it comes to children outside of wedlock, with non US citizens.

Originally, the Nationality act of 1952 states that any child born outside the United States, only obtain US citizenship if a citizen father had been located in the US for a period of at least 5 years since the age of 14 whereas the law had later been updated to reflect that a child shall obtain citizenship if a citizen mother had spent at least one year in the US prior to childbirth.

The decision was ultimately written by justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, to whom her entire career have been dedicated towards the issue of gender discrimination.

The section in question could not, in justice Ginsburgs words, “withstand inspection under a Constitution that requires the government to respect the equal dignity and stature of it male and female citizens”

Luis Ramon Morales-Santana who was born in the dominican republic to a father who, while being a US citizen had not spent 5 years in the US since 14 and therefore had not automatically obtained citizenship, argued that he had obtained citizenship via his biological father when he was targeted for deportation following felony convictions, which has now been nullified by the verdict.

The full ruling can be read here.

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