Putin pledges to eradicate increasing poverty.

Via Reuters

The people of Russia are going to the election polls next year, and leading up to the election Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised adequate housing and salaries for everyone.

The promise came via a televised question and answer session where the people of Russia were given the opportunity to ask their question to the President.

Among the questions came more daring ones, perhaps indicating an increase in the political liberty and a sense of freedom of speech among the Russian people. Among the questions featured on live television was the phrase “Perhaps you are tired and should quit” encouraging the President to step down.

The President pledged to focus on wage growth, an area which have long been overlooked and have resulted in as many as 23.4 million people living under the poverty line. Putin plans to restructure and digitalise, and says that any improvement would be gradual and depend on a number of factors including the pace of economic recovery globally.

“We have seen a decline in the real income of citizens in the past few years. And the increase in the number of people who live below the poverty line is especially worrisome,” Putin said.

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