Swedish study finds that stroke patients recover better with horseback riding and musical therapy

Via Reuters

Over 120 stroke survivors took part in a swedish study which aimed to investigate the effects of adding various activities to the regular therapies for stroke survivors.

In the study, 17% of the patients were assigned no extra activity whereas the remainder were split between horseback riding and musical therapy. In both the case of horseback riding and muscial therapy, patients reported meaningful benefits compared to the 17% control group.

The benefits from the added activities were reported to still persist at the 6 month checkpoint after completing the therapy and can therefore be said to have a significant lasting positive effect. Additionally, the volunteers started their therapy almost 3 years after having suffered a stroke which means that patients who have suffered a stroke can benefit even several years later.

The patients involved were patients who were only moderatly affected by their strokes, meaning patients who could wald, use disabled services and go to the bathroom without assistance.

A larger follow up study is in the works to explore this further.

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