United States energy consumption was 10% Wind and solar energy in March, highest ever.

Via Reuters

In the wake of Donald Trumps decision to leave the Paris Climate agreement, some good news on the climate front from the United States. During the month of March, the US surpassed its record for how much energy used came from sustainable energy sources (Wind and Solar) and reached just above 10%.

On average, around 7% of the US consumptions are from wind and solar according to the Energy Department’s Energy Information Administration.

While 10% may seem like a meager portion compared to some european countries – especially following Norways declaration this week – it gets better when you break it down. For example, the state of Iowa on average have 37% of its energy consumption coming from wind and solar.

While the US government are straying away from its previous climate commitments, a report by Deloitte found that consumer and business preferences will continue to drive a demand for renewable energy.

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