Serbias first female (and gay) prime minister assumes office.

Via The Guardian

Ana Brnabić has assumed the office of Prime Minister of Serbia, becoming the first female and the first openly gay head of state of the country where homophobia otherwise continues to be the norm.

With this appointment however the country has taken a big step in the direcetion of a more open and accepting dialogue about homosexuality, which is currently considered by 65% of the population as a mental illness.

Ana Brnabić who has only been a career politician for little over a year, was strongly supported by the former PM, Aleksandar Vučić, who recently assumed the office of the President of Serbia and remains the countrys arguably most influential man and is expected to control the foreign policy of Serbia.

“The appointment of a lesbian can only be a positive message.” says Goran Miletić, a civil rights activist and Belgrade Pride organiser.

Brnabić is assuming office with the challenge at hand, to prepare Serbia for entrance into the European Union, while still retaining the strong ties to Russia.

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