Oslo airport Imports biofuel from California for refuelling airplanes

Via Reuters

Oslo main international airport has been the first international airport to offer Biofuel as part of its fuel mix the planes refuelling since 2016.

While the jet fuels on offer are only 0.2% biofuel, it is a start. “It is a tiny little drop, but it is the first drop” says Olav Mosvold Larsen of the state owned Avinor which operates over 40 airports throughout Norway.

Bio-fuel currently has twice the cost of conventional jet fuel, in time, it may come to play a larger part in fuel consumption. Avinor has so far purchased 1.25 million liters of of biofuel. Environmental organisation Greenpeace have critisized the initiate of purchasing from California since the environmental cost of shipping it from California to Norway outweigh the gains from using renewable jetfuel in the first place.

Avinor maintains however that there is a net environmental benefit from the efforts as the Greenhouse gas emissions of moving the fuel from California to Norway were a fraction of those from burning conventional fuel.

The Norwegian Parliament will tomorrow debate if from 2019, it will become mandatory to have 1% og biofuel in all jet fuel sold in Norway, an amount equivelant to 11 Million liters.

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