UK sets new national record for green energy production.

Via The Guardian

The UK is not only moving towards an exit from the EU, they are also moving towards a future where more energy is delivered from greener alternatives to fossil fuels.

Weather conditions especially favourable towards energy production gave the UK a brief but postiive look into the future of energy production in the UK. As the sun was scorching down and the wind was ramping up, UK homes were – albeit briefly – powered 70% by low-carbon energy.

The extra energy production, while a positive milestone – raised some concern about the UK National Grids capacity for peaks in energy production. Duncan Burt, who oversees the National Grid, is confident: “It’s one of these things where we’ve tipped through a threshold. But the work we’ve done to get ready for this has paid off” he says.

By 2030 this will by everyday life for the people of the UK where the targets the UK have comitted to is due to be reached. This peak in energy production have made the goal seem far more attainable in the eyes of the public.

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