Jaguar to increase workforce by 5000 investing in electric cars.

Via Reuters

As carmakers across the world are moving towards electric vehicles and self driving cars, British carmakter Jaguar announces the intended hiring of additional 5000 staff.

The car manufacturer says that at least 1000 of these will be in electrical and software engineering. The remainder will be split between manufacturing and other departments.

Jaguar, with its headquarters in Whitley, Coventry, United Kingdom, and a subsidiary of Indian automaker Tata Motdevelopmentors. Initially introduced in 1936 and employes approximately 37.000 people across the globe. Jaguar have throughout its history been a signal of luxury and wealth.

The future is electric, and it drives itself.

The additional staff will be recruited and onboarded during the next twelve months. The announcement provides a boost of positivity to Britain who are suffering the gloom of a tumultuous election and trepidation about their future outside the EU.

The electrical and software engineers will be set to work on the company’s first electrical car the I-PACE. The I-PACE will initially be manufactured in Austria, but could be moved to U.K factories if circumstances are right says the car manufacturer.

Furthermore, JLR have announced that within a decade up to half of their offerings will have an electric version. Hence then requirement for additional staff and skills.

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