European Union and NATO cements relationship and applauds progress.

In a recent press release, the Council of the EU applauds the progress made on the common goal set between the EU and NATO last year.

In December 2016, the European Union, European Commission and the Secretaruy General of NATO implemented a join declaration in where they set forth 42 actions to jointly achieve.

In a report being submitted briefly by representatives of EU and NATO, the organisations are reporting on the progress of these 42 actions. The Council especially highlights, amongst others

Cyber security

Recent coordinated cyber-attacks across the globe demonstrate the need to tackle vulnerabilities of our societies and institutions. The exchange of concepts on the integration of cyber defence aspects into the planning and conduct of missions and operations has opened the door to increased cooperation in this domain.

Hybrid threats

EU-NATO cooperation on countering hybrid threats is more important than ever. Ten out of the forty-two proposals are linked to the fight against hybrid threats. EU and NATO, along with Member States and Allies, will contribute to and participate in the activities of the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats set up in Helsinki.

Better situational awareness is critical for our work to counter hybrid threats effectively. The establishment of the EU Hybrid Fusion Cell and its interaction with the NATO Hybrid Analysis Cell will help us draw up a shared situational picture.

The progress of implementing the 42 actions agreed continued going forward, with a new progress report due in December.

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