Medical breakthrough may make life easier for burn victims in the future.

Via Reuters.

In what may be the first scientific breakthrough in the field of wound healing and reconstructive surgery in nearly half a century, US based biotech firm PolarityTE Inc may have the answer to how we replace skin on burn victims of the future.

The US based firm have developed techniques which, if proven successful, can dramatically improve the cost and effectiveness of a skin grafts.

The practice of skin grafting goes almost 2000 years back where it was performed in India, widespread adoption however only came along in the 19th century.

The most common type of skin grafts today, involve cutting away a thin layer of healthy skin from an area of a patient’s body, alternatively a full thickness skin layer graft can be performed, again with skin from an area of the patient’s body.

PolarityTE Inc however, aims to grow human skin in a lab, and grafting it directly onto the patient’s wound thus eliminating the need to take skin from other areas of the body, a step which can often be painful and require lengthy recovery.

Initial trials performed on wounded pigs in an animal facility have proven successful, and PolarityTE hope to begin human trials later this year with possible treatments hitting the market next year. PolarityTE is founded by former Senior Resident Plastic Surgeon at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Denver Lough.


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