Sudanese children displaced by ISIS reunited with families

Via Reuters

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In a story that reminds us, that we in the western world are not the only victims of extremism, eight sudanese children are united with their family. The children range betweeen a baby under the age of 1, and a child at the age of 9.

The children had been placed in a corrective institution as a result of their parent or parents being affiliated with ISIS. Their fathers murdered fighting alongside the extremists and their mother being detained as sympathisers.

The children, were seperated from their families when their fathers went to the coastal town of Sirte to join the ISIS rebels.

It is painful for the sun to rise and for you to not find your daughters or grandchildren at home and to not know where they went or why. We are simple people…

Hassan Sughayroon, grandfather of 4 of the re-united children.

The children were united with family members in Sudan who has been granted custody and will be taking care of them.


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