European Union to honour great German unifier and architect of the EU

The European Commission announced yesterday that they will be honouring the life and legacy of former German chancellor Helmuth Kohl, who passed away earlier this month.

Dr. Helmuth Kohl was a widely renowned German politician, primarily known for his role in the german unification after the fall of the Berlin Wall and his role in the creation of the European Union.

Career Politician and German unifier

Helmuth Kohl, who’s lifelong career in politics in the German CDU party started in his early life, held a number of positions including Minister-President or Rhineland-Palatinate, Chancellor of West Germany, Chancellor of Germany and before retirement, member of the German Bundestag.

The turning point of Kohl’s career was his handling of the issues following the fall of the East German Communist regime in 1989 and while caught by surprise, his leadership during this period a divided Germany became one.

Kohl was subsequently elected Chancellor of a unified Germany in a landslide election. He held this position before being replaced by Gerhard Schröder in 1998.

Architect of the Union

Kohl was, as a politician, a strong advocate for a unified Europe and was together with the French president Francois Mitterrand the chief architect of the Maastricht Treaty establishing the European Union.

Kohl’s legacy lives on today, in Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel who were regarded as a Kohl Protege and who he carried for the initial part of her political career.

The ceremony to commemorate the late Helmuth Kohl will take place on July 1st in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and will be followed by a ceremonial event in the Cathedral in Speyer (Germany).


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The announcement from the European Commission can be read in full here.

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