Hope for gun control in america – 89% want stricter laws.

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Contrary to what may be the popular belief in Europe, over 89% of Americans want increased gun control. In a survey released by the Pew Research Center, almost all Americans want to limit firearm availability. The survey shows that almost all Americans wants increased gun control when mental illness or firearm shows are involved.

44% of the adults being surveyed said they knew someone who had been shot, either as an accident or on purpose. A large number of the participants said that illegal access to guns contributed to gun violence, no more than the wide availability of legal guns.

An impressive 71% of participants wanted gun sales tracked, and 68% wanted assault rifles banned altogether.

The right to bare arms is secured by the 2nd amendment to the US constitution, and has traditionally been a corner stone of American culture and history.

Traditionally, gun control have been a controversial subject in the US, with one of the strongest lobbies in the country there have, despite previous great support from the people, never been great success with gun restrictions, however for the past years there have been increasing support from the people to start the conversation.

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