Minnesota defies Trump in Cuban pursuit.

Via Reuters

The Democrats of America are calling it a big setback as US President Donald Trump takes steps to counteract the progress made by President Obama to re-establish diplomatic and commercial relations with Cuba. The Caribbean island with an exotic history, specialises in products like coffee, cigars and rum, all products that are attrative imports for countries around the world – with the exception of the United States.

Since their Embargo in 1962, US consumers have traditionally not been able to get Cuban products. During the Presidency of Barack Obama however, that stood to change. Obama made strides towards better relations, some of which President Trump have sought to obstruct.

While the Republicans may be hesitant of dealing with Havanna, but the state of Minnesota are continuing to pursue relations with Cuba. An area like agricultural trade is an obvious trade opportunity for the state who is one of the largest farming states in the US.

Minnesota is a large producer of Corn and Beans, but subsequently are not producing cocoa or coffee, two dominant products from cubas agricultural sector.

Representatives from Minnesota have been invited to Cuba for cuban trade show later in the year, and Minnesota returned the favour and invited Cuban officials to come to Minnesota.

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