Norwegians transform waste to biofuel.

Via Reuters.

By using high pressure and heat, Norwegian Statkraft are tranforming organic waste and wood chips into carbon neutral diesel.

The fuel emits the same amount of CO2 as have been absorbed into the raw material from the air. The Norwegian fuel company and Swedish forestry group Sodra, have pulled their efforts together in a joint venture who will invest between 50-70 million euro into a pilot project south of Oslo.

The biofuel created in this process can currently be mixed with regular diesel, at a ratio of 7% biofuel in the mix and be used in regualr engines without modifications.

Traditionally, biofuel are made from products like corn and other food, however this new biofuel from Statkraft is made exclusively from waste materials that would not traditionally have any value or use.

Research is ongoing into finding more suitable biofuel crops and improving the oil yields of these crops. Using the current yields, vast amounts of land and fresh water would be needed to produce enough oil to completely replace fossil fuel usage. Estimates show that six large scale bio fuel plant would cover 15% of Norways diesel demand using only forestry and waste products.

“What we are doing is the same as what nature has done over billions of years” said Christian Rynning-Toennesen, CEO of Statkraft.


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