Marijuana painkillers may be alternative to opioids.

The potential benefits of medical marijuana have long been a field which many medical researchers have wanted to explore. It has however never been an easy task with strict government regulations on the substance.

In the past few years more countries have relaxed legislation surrounding it as a recreational drug, which may benefit the research world. Several biotech firms now have marijuana based pain killers in various stages of development.

The marijuana based painkillers are said to be a potential replacement in some circumstances for the widely used opioid-based painkillers which are responsible for thousands of deaths each year in many countries.

Marijuana may be safer than assumed.

Reuters reports that hospitals in states that have legalised it had expected an influx of patients with related medical problems. This influx never materialised. In fact, several states in the US with medical marijuana accesible, have seen a healthy reduction of opioid based deaths. In contrast, not a single death has been recorded from the use of marijuana.

In Holland, where it has been legal for several years, they too have seen mainly benefits from a medical perspective.

Government approval can be re-assuring

Some people who may benefit from the effects of medical marijuana have in the past been reluctant to explore the option, due to fear and prejudice with regards to marjiuana products. Government approved medicine however may help curb that concern in some patients and spread the benefits to even more people.

While marijuana based drugs may be in our near future, opiods will continue to be prescribed to patients where beneficial.

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