Steve Irwin to be awarded Hollywood walk of fame star

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Other posthomous commemorations this month: Helmuth Kohl

When many of us remember Steve Irwin, we do so with fondness. The real life crocodile Dundee, who night after night brought australias wildlife into our living rooms, showing us that even the most dangerous (and sometimes disgusting) of animals can be beautiful.

Steve Irwin dedicated his life to teaching the world about the beauty of lizards, crocodiles and things so small women usually want men to kill them. For this dedication Steve Irwin is being honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame alongside celebrities like Gillian Anderson and Lynda Carter.

Irwins daughter announced the news in a to the world in a tweet Friday

Beyond excited to share with you all that we have just received news that Dad will be honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

— Bindi Irwin (@BindiIrwin) 22 June 2017

Irwin passed away 11 years ago in 2006, after being stung by a stingray while filming footage for his show, thus ending a great career as a teacher, television host and wild life communicator.

This recognition follows Irwins other commemorations which amongst other include

  • 2001 – The Australian government awarded Irwin the Centenary Medal for his service to glabal conservation and Australian Tourism
  • 2007 – Posthomous Adjunct Professorship of Integrative Biology at University of Queensland
  • 2009 – A new species of air-breathing land snal was named Crikey Steveirwini
  • 2015 – Posthomous recipient of the Queensland Great Awards

A little know fact is, that Steve Irwin discovered a new species of turtles in 1997, and named the species Irwins turtle (Elseya Irwini).

“Steve has always said that he didn’t care if anyone remembered him, as long as they remembered his message,” Terry Irwin said in a statement from the family’s Australia Zoo conservation site in Western Queensland.

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