Google says it will stop reading your emails.

In a press release yesterday, Google announced that going forward, they will no longer scan consumer emails for ad personalization.

This is good news for privacy concerned users of Gmail who have in the past been concerned about Googles role in their privacy,

The influence however does not stop there. This will likewise benefit privacy concerned users of other platforms like Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Outlook mail and others, who previously have had all mails sent to Gmail users scanned by Google for advertisement purposes.

Hint: If you are interested in what Google currently know about you, check out your very own Google Dashboard on

Google says that this move is in order to align the services Gmail for Gsuite and Consumer Gmail. Google have never scanned the email of its paying customers in Gsuite, and are now seeking to align their free consumer product with this approach.

The success of the Gsuite have been tremendous, with over 3 million companies paying to use the app. This number however pales in comparison to the 1.2 Billion users of the free Gmail globally. Google have however in the past been criticized for the level of data mining performed on its free users. With this announcement Google may be trying to curb some of that criticism, which have before been suggested as a factor for schools when considering the Gsuite for student.

sGoogle says it remains dedicated to consumer privacy and that users can, as always, control what they wish to share on myaccount, Whether or not we will see more privacy related strides from Google is yet to be seen.

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