EU and China discussed Liu Xiaobo and others in human rights talks prior to Xiaobo’s release.

Just before the weekend, A Chinese delegation met with representatives of the European Union in the 35th round of talks surrounding the EU-China human rights dialogue.

The European Union have advised the need for stronger cooperation in international fora and a need for China to implement the recommendations from a recent review from the UN.

The talks included a roundtable discussion, on the topic of how EU’s and China’s policies and practices on promoting human rights, including the role played by NGO’s, Civil society and Academia.

The meeting lasted for two days and centered on the progress and protection of human rights in China. Among the topics were those of political prisoners, where individual cases were discussed.

Notably, the case of Liu Xiaobo, Nobel Peace Price laureate was discussed.

Liu Xiaobo is a Chinese literary critic, writer, professor, and human rights activist who called for political reforms and the end of communist single-party rule. He has served as President of the Independent Chinese PEN center for a 4 year perios and have been the President of Minzhu Zhongguo (Democratic China).

Xiaobo was incarcerated as a political prisoner in Jinzhou, Liaoning following his participation with the Charter08 manifest. He was formally arrested in June of 2009.

Liu Xiaobo has just today been released due to a medical condition. It is currently unknow if the EU talks with China last week had any influence on this decision. The Bright Side Journal has reached out to EU the press team for a comment.

Among the other cases discussed were those of human rights lawyers, religious prisoners, activists and Tibetan nationals including activists, writers and religious figures.

The cases discussed all involve people who are being either criminally prosecuted or have already been imprisoned.

The expectation of the European Union, as reiterated in the Dialogue, is that all individuals detained in connection with their advocacy of human rights be released from custody, that they should be allowed to be represented by a lawyer of their choosing, be given the possibility of meeting their family members, have access to appropriate medical assistance when required

The press release from the European union can be read in full here

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