Prominent research facility to study marijuana and opioids

Following up on the article from last week, regarding marijuana vs. opioid based painkillers.

A prominent, long standing research facility has announced research into the effects of opioids and marijuana. The Battelle Memorial Institute of Columbus, Ohio have conducted tobacco and nicotine related research for half a decade and are now turning their gaze on marijuana and opioids.

First established in 1929, the international nonprofit organization has a proven record of research capabilities. The institute research, develops and commercializes technology and have played influential roles in the development of dry copy technology which led to the creation of the Xerox corporation. The institute likewise developed the first nuclear fuel rods for use in nuclear reactors, and paved the way for the Compact Disc technology and Jet Engines.

The institute plans on leveraging the experience and expertise from 50 years of tobacco and nicotine studies with analytical capabilities such as Smoked and aerolyzed product characterization, Human puff by puff replication and physical product characterization.

“Marijuana use presents many pressing public health questions, and Battelle is working to find the answers. Battelle provides scientifically defensible and balanced research to improve public health.

We bring together leading experts in behavioral science, analytical and physical chemistry, pharmacology, psychology, toxicology and related disciplines to answer complex questions. Our research is grounded in solid, objective science and proven methods to deliver trusted data.”

Other marijuana related studies by the Battelle Institute includes a on the consumption of marijuana blunts.

You can find more information on Battelle, and its capabilities here 

The announcement from Battelle to initiate marijuana and opioid research can be read here 

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