EU to invest EUR 15 million into Romanian healthcare

The Juncker Plan – an EU support program which aims to back investments in member states, has backed a 15 million Euro loan to a private healthcare provider in Romania.

The loan is coming from the European Investment Bank (EIB), the EU’s nonprofit long term lending institution, a bank comprised of the member states with the goal to support investments back into the member states over a longer period of time.

The investment is to be dedicated to the construction and renovation of 2 hospitals and 15 outpatient centers. The project is expected to be able to create approximately 2.000 jobs throughout Romania with this investment.

Regina Maria last year acquired a leading hospital in Bucharest  and will with this announcement, be able to continue its expansion.

The healthcare provider currently operates 28 medical locations and are part of 180 partner locations, including 4 hospitals, 2 maternity hospitals and 8 medical campuses.

Overall, the Juncker plan is expected to trigger investments reaching as high as 800 million euro throughout Romania in various sectors of the country.

For the full scope of the Juncker plan, read here.

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