SpaceX to develop rocket refurbishing facility in Florida

Via Reuters

Elon Musks SpaceX is said to expand its expand its rocket refurbishing capabilities in Florida in order to increase the frequency of launches.

The announcement follows a weekend with 2 successful launches by SpaceX, one to send Bulgaria’s first satellite into orbit.

SpaceX is pioneering the concept of re-usable rockets with 13 successful booster and rockets returns since 2015. Two boosters have so far been refurbished and reused for other launch missions.

First presented in 2011, the SpaceX reusable launch system program offers a new and more economical way to launch satellites and personnel into space. The first step of this program was achieved in 2015. SpaceX has likewise announced that development is underway to extend the reusable flight hardware to second stages, a more challenging engineering problem because the vehicle is travelling at orbital velocity.

SpaceX new facility is expected to be over 60.000 square feet large and be positioned just south of a processing facility at Port Canaveral. SpaceX took over this facility in March of this year. The proposed facility will be used to store and refurbish rocket components and might be an important step in reaching the goal of more reusable rockets.

The Port Canaveral Board of Commissioners are said to consider the lease proposal of the site intended for the new facility soon.

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