Latest ebola outbreak is over

The Democratic Republic of Congo has declared their recent outbreak of Ebola to be over.

The outbreak of the dreadded Ebola virus, was the 8th outbreak in total, more than any other country in the world. Indeed, Congo was the first place ever to observe an Ebola outbreak in the 1970’s and h ave traditionally been associated with Ebola.

The latest outbreak came a year after what was one of the deadliest outbreaks globally, killing over 11.000 people and reaching many countries around the globe.

This latest outbreak however was more contained, and reached a mere total of 8 people, killing 4. 42 days after the last recorded new case, the Congo government declared the outbreak as concluded.

During the outbreak, the congolese government approved the use of experiemental vaccines, however this was never taken into use due to logistical challenges, and due to the small scale of the outbreak.

The rapid success and containment of the outbreak is partly due to Congos remote geography, but in large parts is due to the countrys increased expertise in handling Ebola.

“The government of DRC has been very transparent in declaring that there is the outbreak and that really facilitated … communication and information sharing and rapid action,”

Ibrahima Soce Fall – WHO

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