EUROJUST coordination crack down on international crime organisation

The European Unions Judicial Cooperation Unions – Eurojust – have coordinated an international effort to bring down a drug trafficking and money laundering ring of 33 individuals. A joint effort between Spanish and Italian police, coordinated by Eurojust, came to a conclusion today as the arrests and seizures took place during the day.

The Anti-Mafia prosecution office had requested the assistance of Eurojust in 2016,who helped coordinate real-time exchange of information and joint execution of seizures and arrests in what was an investigation initiated following a drug seizure by Italian police in 2015.

The italian anti-mafia crime unit led the investigation. and after links to Spanish organised crime was uncovered, the investigation turned international.

The criminals had been laundering drug money via catering businesses and investments in football, among others. In total, 5 Million euro and hundreds of kilos of drugs were seized in Germany, Italy and Spain.

The Eurojust was established in 2002 with the goal of handling serious cross-border organized crime and consist of judges, prosecutors and police officers from 28 member countries. Since its inception. Eurojust has handled an increasignly heavy caseload from 202 cases in its first year, to 2306 cases last year alone.

The Eurojust is expected to have its scope extended in the future.

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