Custom made cancer vaccine shows promise in medical trials

Via Reuters

Immunotherapy drugs, or “personalized” medicine may only work for a number of patient still, but in a new trial done with skinc cancer patients, 63% of all participants have avoided a relapse after being treated with a personalized cancer vaccine.

The trials will be followed by a larger study to confirm the effects of the vaccines. The experimental treatment contains between 10 and 20 different mutated proteins – known as neoantigens – that have been specifically developed to suit the individuals tumor.

The treatments in the trial were developed by the Dana-farber institute in cooperation with the Broad institute, and by biotech firm BioNTech.

BioNTechs technology may be the most promising, getting the attention of the worlds largest cancer drug manufacturer Roche, who signed a 310 million dollar deal last year allowing it to test the BioNTech vaccine with its own immunotherapy drug, Tecentirq.

The drugs developed, are using the bodys own immune system and The recent drug trials however brings the technology one step closer to wide adoption.

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