Europes largest economy is getting greener.

Joining the UK in breaking a green energy record this year, Germany has raised his proportion of power produced by renewable energy from 33% last year to 35% this year.

In an effort to phase out nuclear energy, which while environmentally friendly compared to fossil fuels is unfavourable in other other ways, Germany is ramping up its production of renewable energy. The German government has pledged to move to a CO2 neutral economy by the middle of the century, with a target of 80% renewable energy consumption by 2050.

Germany aims to cut its greenhouse gas emission by 95% compared to the levels of 1990 by 2050. A country which has been called “The worlds first major renewable energy economy”, Germany has over 23.000 wind turbines and more than 1.4 million solar power system.

Germany has achieved this by, amongst other initiatives, introducing legislation making renewable favourable from a consumer standpoint which has resulted in a price of 0.15€ pr. Kwh for electricity produced by geothermal energy, and a hydroelectric energy industry which supplies 3.5% of the electricity demand and has generated a total turnover of 1.23 billion euro.

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