Scotch Whisky Association in court to keep prices down.

A Scottish legislation introduced in 2012 is being challenged in the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) and other interest groups.

The legislsation ammended the Licencing act of 2005 which concerns itself with, amongst others, the sale of alcohol products.

The 2012 ammendment requires alcohol to be sold at a certain minimum price, which has been suggested by Scottish legislators to be of at least 50 pence per UK unit of alcohol which the SWA in their supreme court appeal argues goes against european law operating as a quantitative restriction on the free movement of goods.

The SWA and other appellants argue that alternative pricing measures exist which would be less disruptive of free trade and less distortive of competition across the EU single market.

The Scotch Whisky Association is a trade organisation that represents the Scotch whisky industry. The Scotch whisky industry is an important part of the Scottish economy, and particularly the Scottish export market. Formed in 1960 it is comprised of 57 whisky distillers from across Scotland.

The legislation introduced in 2012 were introduced with the goal of protecting the health fo scottish people by discouraging alcohol abuse. The case has

The case hearing will proceed and complete on the 25th of July after which a ruling is expected.

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